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Be Digitally Sovereign And Live In Freedom!

Sovran“Archaic or Literary Word for Sovereign”

Sovran Systems is an esoteric computer movement with Sovran_SystemsOS and the Sovran Pro to educate and create more choice. As the furthering of censorship, secret monitoring, privacy violations, breaking Natural Law, and the destruction of true esoteric wealth continues to intentionally increase at the hands of big tech and governments, our species needs other choices. On the one path, you can choose their computer systems of further slavery or, on the other path, you can choose to “Be Free”…What choice will you make?


"Be Free"

The main free and open source software listed below are the building blocks of Sovran System’s computer operating system called Sovran_SystemsOS. It all comes pre-installed and ready to use! All the software is anonymous and sovereign! It aims to be private, secure, and your data is NEVER sent to big tech companies. Now you can take back your current digital and financial life, to finally say goodbye to big tech and governments!

Personal Mempool via Tor

NOSTR Account Verification

Bitcoin Wallet Sparrow Wallet

Bitcoin Buying and Selling Bisq

Website Creation WordPress

Cloud Storage Nextcloud

Voice, Video, and Group Messaging Matrix Chat via Element

Password Manager Vaultwarden 

Global Anonymous Network Tor

Modern Operating System using NixOS with Gnome Desktop.

Full Bitcoin Node Nix-Bitcoin

Electrum Server Electrs

Bitcoin Payment Processor BTCPayServer

NEW! Full Lightning Network Node – LND and CLN

Lightning Network- LN-URL.

Ride The Lightning (RTL) and Zeus Wallet Integration

BTCPayserver with Lightning Network Integration

NEW! Custom Add-Ons:

Video Conferencing with up to 5 people Jitsi Meet

Full Bitcoin Knots Node Nix-Bitcoin

BTCPayserver CLN Backend

The Sovran Pro

Sovran_SystemsOS exclusively runs on the Sovran Pro. The Sovran Pro is a sovereign personal desktop computer and a sovereign private server!

The Specs.

  1. Computer: Beelink EQ12
  2. Processor: Intel 12th Gen N100 CPU
  3. Storage: 512GB Samsung SSD NVME
  4. Memory: NEW! DDR5 16GB plus 16GB of Swap RAM from the 512GB SSD NVME for a Total of 32GB of RAM!
  5. Plus an additional internal 2TB Samsung SSD which holds the Bitcoin blockchain and the Automated Backups
  6. Computer Warranty: NEW! One Year Warranty from delivery
  7. Tech Support: NEW! 6 Months from delivery

Not Your Server, Not Your Data.

With the Sovran Pro and Sovran_SystemsOS, your data is never shared or in the physical hands of any third party because all of your data stays on the Sovran Pro. It is your server, thus your data. Whether it is video calling your friends or family, uploading files to your cloud, posting your latest idea to your website, buying Bitcoin, storing Bitcoin, or receiving donations via Bitcoin, your data is kept safe on your Sovran Pro in your own home. It can never be taken down or blocked. You have 100% control of it all. It is the true definition of being digitally sovereign! 

Everything Runs Right Out Of The Box.

All you have to do is plug it in. The Sovran Pro will boot up and start running with all features enabled. No need to install anything! 

Easy To Update!

The Sovran Pro is easy to update with the new Sovran_SystemsOS_Updater app. One click to open the app and one click to update your Sovran Pro to the latest software! On top of that, your Sovran Pro automatically backs itself up in hourly and daily intervals to the built-in second hard drive. Not only do you get fresh software and the newest security patches, you also get a real time backup copy of all your data. 

One on One Support!

After delivery, each Sovran Pro comes with six months of One on One support sessions. We will walk you through all of your questions to get you using your Sovran Pro like the Freedom Warrior you are! Sovran Systems will send you our very own sovereign video Jitsi link to remotely walk you through any questions you may have. Go to our Support page and click the green “Support” button to get started.

Don't Trust, Verify.

Sovran_SystemsOS is fully open source. Hosted on Gitea at It uses a full implementation of NixOS Flakes.