Sovran Systems

To Note

1. To receive a Sovran Pro you must privately gift Bitcoin to the computer movement at the Gifting page. Then, by your gift, you will be sent a free Sovran Pro to show appreciation.

Sovran Systems does not participate with any banks, fiat monetary systems, or governments because these institutions break Natural Law Principles, which makes them immoral. Sovran Systems creator does not break Natural Law Principles, as such, he has ZERO tolerance for and does not participate or contract with any man, woman, person, individual, government, group of persons, corporations, and banks that break Natural Law Principles overtly and/or covertly. As this is in parallel with the Eternal Truth, we are only Free beings, if we take 100% moral responsibility for our own actions and stop stealing other’s property. 

Therefore, if you wish, from your own free will, to choose to gift the computer movement in order to obtain a Sovran Pro, you agree in private (via private contract) as Man or Woman with the creator of Sovran Systems, that you too do not break Natural Law Principles and are not part of any entity that breaks Natural Law Principles.

Sovran Systems’ creator is the author of all words contained in, the Gifting page and and he alone has final interpretation rights of these words (As Above So Below); they mean what he says. 


2. The Sovran Pro does NOT come with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, microphone, or webcam in an effort to keep costs at a minimum. You will have to supply your own. If you want to run it without a monitor (this is called “headless”), please reach out via the Support page.


3. Make sure your Sovran Pro is plugged in and connected to an always on (24/7/365) unlimited internet with speeds at least 20Mb upload and 200mb download. You can test your internet connection here. If your power and internet goes down, your services (website, cloud, chat, password server, and BTCPayserver) will also go down. Once your power and internet are back up, you will have to manually turn on the Sovran Pro by pushing the power button for the services to resume.

If it was only the internet that went down, then the Sovran Pro’s services will resume once your internet is back up. No intervention needed. 

As a whole for sovereign computing, these are small bumps compared to the huge advantage of keeping your private digital data and wealth out of the hands of organizations that steal from you (break Natural Law Principles).


4. If anything physical happens to your Sovran Pro (water, physical, or fire damage, and/or stolen) all your data will be gone expect for the Bitcoin in Sparrow wallet (if your private keys where kept off the Sovran Pro).

To remedy this, use the Sovran_SystemsOS_External_Backup App to periodically download all your data to an external hard drive of your choice. It comes preinstalled on your Sovran Pro. 


5. When your Sovran Pro is fully setup, your home public (external) IP can be found by anyone on the internet. Your home public (external) IP only shows to the public your internet service provider’s (ISP) name and the location of their data center nearest to your home.


6. Manual updates by the user will need to be done for Nextcloud and WordPress via the their web interfaces. This method was chosen to give the user full ability to customize their Nextcloud and WordPress services. If you do not know how to do this, our Certified Volunteers can help via the Support page.