Sovran Systems

About Sovran Systems

Sovran Systems was created out of necessity from the ever growing reach of big tech and governments into our digital lives. Their systems promote greater surveillance and the closing of our privacy and digital freedom. Sovran Systems mission is to give us more choices outside of these monopolistic enterprises, which only seek to gain more control. We need practical hope from this dystopic technocratic nightmare.

Sovran Systems curates all the best privacy software into one system that is easy to use. We are grounded in Natural Law and are on the front lines of this battle to get all people to digital Freedom and digital Sovereignty.

Come join this computer movement to become the ultimate digital Freedom Warrior you were born to be!


Dr. Dustin Plattner does light coding work and heavy system admin work on Linux systems and created the computer movement He is a tech enthusiast, esoteric researcher, and presenter on Natural Law on his website He abhors slavery in ALL forms (overt and covert) and uses his CARE to help others move themselves out of slavery. He is an advocate for a Resourced Based Economy and strongly believes that Bitcoin will be the bridge to get us there.

Moreover, Dr. Plattner holds a masters and doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and runs a practice working with children and families in Southern California as a Private Membership Association (PMA).